Dizzy O’Dare

award winning

circus, outdoor arts,

theatre and cabaret

Dizzy O’Dare deliver award winning productions to those who would not normally experience it

From the weird to the wonderful, the silly to the sublime.

Their work is presented in outdoors and non traditional spaces

delivering a range of shows from large scale circus to one man clown shows.

The company has produced over 20 shows and walkabouts,

toured extensively and delighting audiences across the globe.

Dizzy O’Dare was formed by Alana Jones and Michael Imerson. After meeting while filming one of Michael’s short films they started working together, Alana as the only female pofessional tightwire dancer in the UK at the time and Michael as her guitarist.  

This relationship soon led to the creation of ‘From the Inky Deep’ an ambitious circus show in 2009 for the Medway Fuse Festival and the company was born

Alana Jones gained a degree in Dance Theatre at Laban, and then went on to gain a second degree in Circus Theatre at The Circus Space, specialising in tightwire.

Alana produces all of DOD’s shows as well as performing in most of them, she also programs and manages events and festivals.

Michael Imerson trained as an actor at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. He has appeared in award winning television and theatre, as well as being a professional musician. Michael performs in all of DODs shows, devises directs and writes.

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