Dizzy O’Dare


thank you for making our recent Team Building Day one of the best ever.  It’s never easy to organise an event that is going to be suitable for participation by every member of staff due to the vast ranging levels of ability and aptitude but your Circus Skills Workshop managed to cater for everybody.

The feedback I have had has been fantastic.  Without exception, everybody has said how much fun they had while they learnt new skills.  The structure and scheduling of the day was perfect for us and by working in teams it was a great opportunity for our staff from our 6 different offices to work with colleagues they wouldn’t normally have the chance to interact with.  There was also great praise for your team and their patience and professionalism throughout the day. 

Thank you once again and I would recommend Dizzy O’Dare’s Circus Skills Workshop to any company looking for an entertaining, engaging and worthwhile team building event.

I’m not sure how we’re going to top this next year …”

Kay Williams - Nextstep Fostering

Genie Ventures ran a Circus Workshop for 50 staff the main event at our Christmas Party. The circus trainers were super-friendly and knowledgeable, and the balance seemed just right between challenging us and being a load of fun. There were smiling faces everywhere. The guys helped us achieve feats we didn't know we were capable of! I would definitely recommend for a company event.

- Ciaron Dunne, CEO Genie Ventures 



Dizzy O’Dare have ran regular circus workshops for Seachange Arts, Great Yarmouth and The Brook Theatre, Chatham, as well as outreach workshops for YISP, young offenders and children living in economically challenged areas. We have worked with a number theaters, community groups, nurseries, schools and rewards projects

As part of the Olympics 2012, we worked with local communities in Medway to create an opening piece performed in Chatham.

We offer a wide range of workshops and have all the relevant equipment - Tightwire rigs, aerial rig for rope, silks and aerial hoop, Juggling & balance equipment, manipulation, plate spinning and more.

The aerial rig and tightwire rigs can be set at various heights to suit the level of ability.

Specialist workshops include;

Freestanding Aerial Rig

Our Freestanding tightwire rig is the only one of it’s kind, custom built to enable Alana to perform anywhere with adequate ceiling height - the rig eliminates many of the rigging problems and headaches which can be caused when rigging tightwire in difficult areas.

We also have traditional A-Frames which can be set at various heights and lengths & a small freestanding practise rig perfect for beginners and workshops.

Last but not least we have a free standing Aerial Rig perfect for professional performances and workshops


Freestanding Tightwire Rigs
  1. Story

  2. Balloon

  1. Drama

  2. Mask

  1. Clown

  2. Puppetry

  1. circus

  2. magic